Sound perception
Sound is one of the types of information that a person receives from the outside world in addition to information, in addition to other sensory organs (vision, touch, smell). Since…

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Physics of sound
This text is optional. Especially for those people who are not going to seriously work with sound, but want only in their free time to play the synthesizer and make…

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Kach in dance music
Somehow I thought about one thing: sometimes one bass, drummer and a pair of cymbals are enough for people to want to twitch from this primitive thing! Why it happens?…

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Which track is better. New or good old?

In her famous quote, the great Coco Chanel wanted to say that there are hobbies that capture the minds of society in a wave, but then quickly fade away. But there is something eternal that forever remains in the souls of people and what each trend is guided by. This phrase fits perfectly with our article on trends in the world of electronic music.

Essentially speaking, we wondered what the DJ would choose: the freshest track, which is likely to become a hit, but the DJ himself evaluates it for a “three” or a time-tested musical composition?

DJs took part in our mini-study: Sergey Shevtsov, Pasha Koreets, Kolya, Losev, Lapsky, Denis Che, Lvov, etc. So, what did the Russian DJs agree on?

Firstly, most artists for playing in the club will choose a cool time-tested rather than fresh one. Only Lviv, Pasha Koreets and Shevtsov did not agree with this opinion, preferring new trends.

Sergey Shevtsov: “I will choose a new and good track, because I play what will become fashionable in the future. Old tracks are not my style. ”

Pasha Koreets agrees with him: “I would prefer to play a new track, which I would rate“ excellent ”.

Choosing between a cool old track and a new “mediocre” one, DJ Lapsky said: “You only need to give“ the fattest fat ”during the set. It’s better to put a track already played a second time than to spoil the impression of the game, and to do it simply is enough to put just one uninteresting composition. Regarding the old ones, I still often put Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl or Everybody in the Place – Prodigy. The main thing is the presentation, the mood and everything in the subject. ”

DJ Mazai and DJ Sonic shared their opinions. Both of them agreed that it does not matter which track is old or new, the main thing is that it be beautiful. According to them, in the work of a DJ, first of all, the mood that he creates on the dance floor is important, and here, of course, the date on the release does not matter.

DJ Sonic: “I have long paid attention to the race between DJs (especially young ones) for new tracks. Sometimes this chase “brains” many. Instead of creating a holiday for people and building beautiful musical pictures-sets, they shoot the whole “new thing”, feeling themselves ahead of the rest. Of course, the relevance and freshness of music is very important, but this should not be at the forefront of everything. ”

The following paragraph, it was decided to find out what the DJ is guided by when composing his set: improvisation, world charts, the opinion of colleagues or something else?

As in the previous question, most DJs came to the same point of view. It turned out that in the first place, many put improvisation.

DJ Kolya commented on his choice as follows: “I play tracks that have been tested by time and the public. I also add fresh sets to them, which I can, for example, exchange with my foreign colleagues. ”

“For me, someone else’s opinion or general trends are not important. I am always guided by improvisation, a flight of fantasy. The audience does not like pretense, and in my tracks I show myself, my talent, ”agrees with colleague Denis Che.

But perhaps the most constructive was the DJ and musician Anton Aprelin: “In this case, I’d better play my remix on a cool track – both fresh and recognizable. Moreover, I had experience not only remixing, but also re-singing vocal parts of famous dance hits. For example, the Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence” in my performance is very well received by the public. ”

And finally, we asked the DJs to name the tracks, which, in their opinion, “will never die.”

The leader was Greece 2000 from 3 Drives on A vinyl, on which Kolya and Pasha Koreets met.

Also on Koli’s mini-chart “Silence” – Delirium, and for Pasha – “I want changes” (Victor Tsoi) and “For what the dream of” (Bedrock).

Losev preferred “Sun rising up” – Deux, “Driving to heaven” – 16 B.

Lvov decided to indicate the performers whose music will never die. In his opinion, these are Michael Jackson and Depeche Mode, and Sergei Shevtsov, said that there is no eternal music.

Well, maybe he’s right.

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